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Rasmus Kurek
CVR No.: 32506240

Phone: +45 3042 0997

Don't hesitate to contact me - if you have any comments, suggestions, queries or just
want to get in touch. Just send me an e-mail...

Capture the life - My philosophy
My photography philosophy is quite simple: Keep things as real and simple as imaginable.
I recognize with the amount of efforts in Photoshop - a simple photo from time to time
can be converted into an unrecognizable image. Photography is - as I hope to demonstrate
- simple, great fun, clear and natural. There is absolutely nowhere else to go for me.

I am photography-obsessed and this photography website was launched to publish my
photographic journey. Simply I just really want you to see life every single day through
the lens of my most treasured possession: My Nikon camera.

… Vivian Maier
… Alison McCauley
… Tomas Willemoes

Nikons - In the bag
Nikon D300S
Nikon D80
An assortment of Nikon, Sigma and Cosina lenses

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All uploaded photos are in low resolution to reduce bandwith.

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